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Learn how to play the trumpet

Improve your trumpet playing

Get the secrets of the professional trumpet players!

The Trumpet players in the band almost blew their minds off when I told them that I have been playing for only 3 months! Everyone warned me that to play the trumpet is difficult… For me it was easy… and now I can appreciate the secrets that none of them even dreamt of using.

As a Trumpet beginner, probably new to Brass instrument playing, you still don't know many things, such as how to choose the right teacher, or how to buy an instrument or what trumpet sheet music to start with. But I am sure that you are very enthusiastic to play well, not less than the professional players you listen to on Trumpet CDs or on YouTube.

As a Trumpet player, I can guess that your major objective is to improve your trumpet playing. Almost all players, young and adults, have some playing difficulties, which avoid really enjoying the instrument.

By Danny Carney - 44 years on the Trumpet.

I have seen everything. I myself started off badly, and only at the age of 22, I stopped and started studying the basics all over again. You probably know that to get rid of bad habits is more difficult than starting from nothing. today I see so many adults playing the Trumpet without any chance to upgrade their playing level, because no one ever taught them how. I searched the internet, mainly YouTube to see what free trumpet stuff for teaching is offered, and I was really surprised to find nothing professional. There are many videos of how to play the trumpet but non of them can really help you, although made by very good trumpet players. You see, just like in any field, not every good player knows how to teach.

Everyone knows that in playing the trumpet you invest some money: Buying an instrument (A Bach Stradivarious Trumpet is about $2,500, but you can get a simple instrument for $50), sheet music and trumpet lessons. I am offering you to add a small investment for getting the Dan's How to play the Trumpet Kit, which will set you up from day one on the correct trumpet playing basics. If you are a trumpet player, I am sure that you will be able to improve your playing, of course with practice. the kit is only $19.90 for download of an e-book and video, and $33.90 for a hard cover book and a disc

Make a one time investment of $24.90 so that YOU know from day 1 what the professional Trumpet players do that makes them so good. This basic knowledge (with practice…) will give you the foundations that make the difference between the excellent players and regular players. Who do you want to belong to?

Dan’s How to play the Trumpet Kit which you can get right here, is the BOOK and VIDEO you need to get your playing right from day one. As a current player, you will improve your playing, and get the utmost satisfaction from playing the Trumpet.

Trumpet Cleaning and maintenance

You might be surprised how easy it is to clean the trumpet, and take care of the valves and the slides. But you have to know how. Both book and video have it all. In the free report and in the "Learn how to play the trumpet" video course, you have an explanation about how the trumpet works.

Besides the Dan’s How to play the Trumpet Kitwhich you can have for a low price of $24.90, you are invited to get with no charge"The Joy of Trumpet Playing "EVERYTHING ABOUT THE TRUMPET". " which will give you general information about the trumpet including cleaning, how does it work, and more.

What Trumpet teaching can you get for free on YouTube?

I could not believe my eyes and my ears ! On YouTube you can find many short video's about how to play the trumpet. I am sure that the presenters are all fantastic trumpet players. But… YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO TEACH! YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE BASICS, THE DIFICULTIES OF A BEGINNER ! This video is 40 minutes long and Danny really knows how to teach. NO SUCH VIDEO ANYWHER O THE INTERNET! For only $24.90 you will get it right and lead a life of perfect trumpet playing?

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Dan’s How to play the Trumpet Kit

Learn how to play the trumpet

A short note to you – the beginning Trumpet player

If you want to play the trumpet or improve your playing you should know The No. 1 secret of trumpet playing:
Get your foundations right! It is only a matter of correct guidance, practice and no rush for results.
No matter what your age is, or if you have a teacher or not, get the basics right. I have seen so many players who cannot . With Dan’s How to play the Trumpet Kit  you will learn how to play the trumpet correctly even in 60 days with a healthy start

What results can you expect?

Surprise your friends and surprise yourself : Within 10 days you will be playing the trumpet! Within 30 days you'll be playing beyond your most wildest imagination, achieving a nice clear steady tone with basic techniques. Within 90 days you'll be exiting and touching your audience's hearts with your beautiful tone and technique

A short note to you – the Trumpet player

There are not many Trumpet players who play with no limitations. Test yourself : How is your playing with these challenges?
  • Endurance
  • How long can you play for?
  • Playing the high register
  • Playing softly "pp"
  • Playing a nice rich tone
  • Playing vibrato
  • Double tonguing between different notes
  • Playing Legato (ties) without changing the fingering

What results can you expect?

you will improve your trumpet playing with achievements you did not have before: A fine rich tone, playing high notes with ease, playing fast notes, quiet notes and trumpet playing at any style

Oct 11 2009
it is very kind of you, so thanks al lot. I am 56 and beginner in trompete, but enthousiast. I appreciate your lessons very much and I lern much things for the good beginning. I wish you a beautifull and happiness live.
l. d. brouwer

One of my Trumpet playing secrets - The Tone

I must tell you one small secret for achieving a fine tune - a secret that trumpet teachers don't tell the students: 
Listen to Trumpet Music. Get those beautiful sounds into your body cells. Then take your Trumpet and play together with the trumpet music. I used to do this for years and years and you should here the tone. This is the main reason that I opened a section of trumpet music on the site: Enjoy & Learn. Do not rely on finding free stuff on the web or on YouTube... Buy Trumpet CD's and play them over and over. Choose your music by CD at Trumpet CD's or by names of famous Trumpet players.

What does Dan’s How to play Trumpet book include?

This comprehensive book will take you from the starting point to playing the trumpet.
Read (watch or listen) and practice. Following are the book’s chapters:

  1. Introduction to trumpet playing
  2. Body involvement and holding the trumpet
  3. Creating the tone: The mouthpiece; Tune production; Tonguing
  4. Fingering and playing the notes There
  5. Playing the registers: Low; Middle; Very Low; High
  6. Advances playing: The tone; Pedals; Double tonguing; Ties; Technical playing
  7. Trumpet maintenance: Cleaning, maintenance
  8. Practice
  9. Final thoughts and further studies


What does the Video include?

This set of video lessons includes Danny's demonstrations of everything that's in the book.
No book can compete with a good video. In this case the book and the video complement one another
Click the picture on the right to view a short preview.

    Contents of the 6 trumpet videos lessons
  1. Lesson 1: Body support, sitting, breathing, lips, playing on the mouthpiece
  2. Lesson 2: How does the trumpet work, creating the sound
  3. Lesson 3: Playing basic scale notes, fingering, getting a rich tone
  4. Lesson 4: High scale notes, sound, maintenance and valve oiling
  5. Lesson 5: Sound vibrating, double staccato, triple staccato
  6. Lesson 6: Pedal notes, Playing the High register, Lip Endurance, Summary

Click my picture to watch a short preview of the video lessons.

My personal Guarantee

I f you find a better free video any where on the net, please send me the link and with full honesty I think it is better or even as good, I will not hesitate to give you back your payment and you can keep the kit.

What makes Dan’s How to play the Trumpet Kit the perfect study book is that it reveals everything you need to know and to do for playing the Trumpet .
Fine trumpet playing is not squeezing out the sound. Fine trumpet playing is all about playing with ease and making music.
Get your BOOK and VIDEO now for only $24.90, pay for your comfort by PayPal and you will receive the book and Video Download instantly or by E-mail.
After receiving the kit you will receive by e-mail a small pile of BONUSES:

Some of my favorite trumpet pieces attached, and the best links to trumpet videos:
Rafael Mendez teaching about Trumpet breathing with the Bumble Bee
Maynard Ferguson Gonna Fly Now.. or Rocky
Rafael Mendez: playing Perpetuo Mobille where does he breath?!
Sergei Nakariakov "Carnival of Venice"
Rafael Mendez - Samba Gitana - Unbelievable staccato from 1951:
One pro playing on 2 trumpets together
Golden Trumpet of Hakan Hardenberger: Variations on a Theme from Bellini's Norma by Arban
And... How is a trumpet made ? 

My personal bonus to you: Please after buying the kit feel free to contact me on any issue. So, now you should make your choice :

Yes Danny, I would like to order the Download version for $24.90

Yes Danny, I would like to order the Hard copy book with the DVD Video-Disc for $33.90+ shipping of $6.0 total of $39.90

Danny Carney
Dedicated to your Trumpet playing

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